We are proud partners with ...


CivicSmart is the leading global smart parking innovator. CivicSmart and its legacy companies have been continuous innovators in the parking industry for over 80 years and this commitment to research and development continues today and benefits a client base that stretches across five continents.


FivePoint Payments is a payment processing and technology solutions company that delivers more efficient, safe and time-saving software and hardware solutions to government agencies and their end users. FivePoint offers user-friendly applications that provide a simplified, modern experience whether paying government fees and fines or checking in at a government agency. Their products include easy-to-use online portals, reporting, dashboards, kiosks, lobby management tools, contactless payments and more.


TiPSS has been a Microsoft Partner since 2008 and providing software based on Microsoft solutions since 1998. Being a Microsoft Partner, TiPSS provides consistent and quality products and services, as required by Microsoft, while delivering software with greater value.

Point & Pay

Point & Pay is an experienced provider of the payment processing services. Featuring consolidated, easily reconciled settlement, clear reporting, acceptance of all major cards, and validated check processing, Point & Pay makes everything about payments safe and easy.

Wisconsin Badger TraCS

Traffic and Criminal Software (TraCS), is an application developed by the state of Iowa in partnership with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) – “National Model”. Wisconsin Badger TraCS is the Wisconsin version of TraCS. In 2008, TiPSS developed an interface with Badger TraCS to support the electronic transfer of Traffic and Municipal citations to the local Municipal Courts.

Wisconsin DOT

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) established the Wisconsin Court Ordered Web Services (COWS) to facilitate and expedite the electronic data transfer of conviction and withdrawal data from the municipal court system to the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV). In 2003, TiPSS developed an interface with COWS which helps ensure efficient, timely processing and increases the accuracy of the data recorded in the DMV databases. The current and accurate record of driver information enables law enforcement agencies, licensing agencies, the criminal justice system, and others to make sound decisions on how to respond and take the appropriate action against drivers demonstrating unsafe behavior on the roadways.


TiPSS is a proud supporter of the Wisconsin Municipal Court Clerk Association. The WMCCA, established in 1999 serves to promote and educate Municipal Court Clerks in Wisconsin.