• Highly Customizable: Have it your way with user defined fields and defaults.
  • Quick ‘n Easy: Enter tickets, mail the letters, and collect the money!
  • Integration: Interfaces with Police RMS software for importing tickets, e-TVRP (electronic suspensions), and TRIP for Tax Intercept.

Are you searching for an innovative Parking Ticket Management software solution? If so, look no further than TiPSSParking.

As with all TiPSS software products, TiPSSParking has a streamlined learning curve while providing extensive reporting and inquiry features. TiPSSParking delivers many critical benefits including:

  • Master Name Index (MNI) incorporating people and businesses for improved searches.
  • Master Vehicle Index to track all tickets issued to a vehicle.
  • Integration with Microsoft Word for printing past due notices, letters, and postcards.
  • Comprehensive financial functions include tracking account balances, receipting payments, and reconciling and depositing cash.
  • Batch enforcement processing to search for past due tickets and to refer unpaid tickets for collection.
  • Electronic transmission of vehicle registration suspensions to Wisconsin Traffic Violation and Registration Program (TVRP) using the TiPSSTVRP interface.
  • Tax Intercept processing for quick and efficient certification of thousands of tickets in a matter of minutes using the TiPSSTax Intercept interface.
  • Centralized receipting and batch posting of payments provided by an interface to TiPSSCashRegister and TiPSSWebPayments.

The heart of TiPSSParking is a powerful engine that generates 80+ standard reports, and an unlimited number of custom letters and documents.

Couple TiPSSParking with the best software support in the industry, and you’ll quickly understand why TiPSSParking, and its popular interface offerings, can help you decrease your workload while increasing income.


We were one of the first users of the Parking Program, it has been great!!! It makes collections, notices and suspensions so easy, saving time, and increasing revenues at the same time. My officers are writing all of their reports in the new TiPSS RMS, its officer friendly, and time saving.

Mauston Police

I recently took a promotion leaving my position as Parking Clerk for the Cudahy Police Department after 8 years. Nothing can compare to TiPSS Parking. It’s very user friendly, efficient, reliable, accurate and to be completely honest, it made my job fun. TiPSS has an invaluable, dedicated, professional staff who always go that extra mile to help with any minor problem. If I wasn’t connected to the TiPSS family (I felt like family) leaving that position wouldn’t have been so difficult.

Kim Hintz
Administrative Secretary
Cudahy Police & Fire Departments