TiPSSTax Intercept interface is a fully functioning two-way interface that certifies debts to the Tax Refund Intercept Program (TRIP). Using this sophisticated interface, Municipalities can increase revenue without paying enormous collection fees.

Features and functions include:

  • Scans the database for tickets meeting certification requirements.
  • Sends thousands of tickets in a matter of mere minutes.
  • Automatically updates TRIP when the ticket balance changes.
  • Automatically updates TiPSSParking with files from TRIP.
  • Automatically compares the information in TiPSSParking to the information in TRIP to ensure the records remain in sync.

The following files are processed:

  • File Maintenance - sent to TRIP to establish new debts or update existing debts.
  • File Maintenance Response - received from TRIP to accept the Municipality‚Äôs changes.
  • Closed Debt - received from TRIP to close debts falling below the threshold.
  • Posting Notification - received from DOR to post tax intercept offsets.
  • Agency Summary - received from TRIP to match TRIP records to TiPSSParking records.