• Performance: Our software apps deliver superior performance at an affordable price.
  • Experience: Our staff has 75+ years of overall software development experience, and 50+ years overall, on-the-job law enforcement experience. We understand what you want and require in order to effectively do your job.

Our History

Titan Public Safety Solutions, LLC (TiPSS) was founded in 1998 by longtime colleagues who shared a comparable vision and industry experience. Along with superior staff, and skilled business partners, we’ve crafted pioneering public safety software solutions.

Our Culture

Life at TiPSS is slightly different. We take pride in our hard work, individuality, collaboration, and fun. We bring different backgrounds, skills, and personalities creating an environment steeped with enthusiasm and respect. We’re excited about our work and it shows.

Our Ethics and Integrity

Business and personal ethics, integrity, and a high standard of behavior are what sets us apart from our competitors. This coupled with our passion for excellence, and desire to go beyond the ‘expected,’ is what makes us a leader in public safety software.

Our Community

We value our customers as friends and neighbors. We live in, play in, and pay taxes in the communities we serve. We understand financial constraints and strive each day to provide ‘best-of-show’ software and services.

Our Approach

We stick to what we do best, software development, and count on the expertise and knowledge of our customers to keep us focused on the changing technology needs of the public sector.