Are you frustrated after waiting months for a suspended registration to be effective? If so, look no further than the TiPSSTVRP. The TiPSSTVRP is a money saver. TVRP charges $5 for each paper suspensions, but only $2.50 for electronic suspensions. That’s a 50% savings!

TiPSSParking provides full two-way integration with the Wisconsin Traffic Violation and Registration Program (TVRP). The TiPSSTVRP is a two part interface which includes; the TVRP Plate Inquiry and the e-TVRP (electronic suspensions) interface.

The TVRP Plate Inquiry interface plays a critical role in locating vehicle owners.

Features and functions include:

  • Updates TiPSSParking with vehicle owner names and addresses from TVRP automatically.
  • Saves staff time and increase collections by locating vehicle owners for generating notices, suspending registrations, and certifying debtors for Tax Intercept.

The e-TVRP interface uses the vehicle owner information to enforce uncollected debts.

Features and functions include:

  • Scans for vehicles eligible for suspension and electronically submits files to TVRP to suspend vehicle registrations.
  • Suspensions are effective the following day.
  • Saves money and increases revenue; no more printing, mailing, and storing forms.

Contact Titan Public Safety Solutions, LLC today and discover how TiPSSTVRP can easily transfer data between TiPSSParking and TVRP.