Are you frustrated because you are manually entering every Ticket into TVRP to suspended registration? Or do you forget to go to the TVRP website to lift a suspension? If so, look no further than the TiPSSTVRP interface.

The TiPSSTVRP interface is a time saver. TiPSSTVRP provides full two-part integration with the Wisconsin Traffic Violation and Registration Program (TVRP). The TiPSSTVRP interface suspends or lifts suspended vehicle registrations and updates TiPSSParking with the TVRP case number.

    Features and functions include:
  • Scans for vehicles eligible for suspension and electronically submits files to TVRP to suspend vehicle registrations.
  • Suspensions are effective immediately.
  • Saves money and increases revenue.

Contact Titan Public Safety Solutions, LLC today and discover how TiPSSTVRP can easily transfer data between TiPSSParking and TVRP.