Ever wonder what the disposition was on the citation you wrote last month? With the TiPSSCourts you’ll have that information at your fingertips.

This two-way real-time interface is an important piece of the citation processing life-cycle. Citations entered in TiPSSRecords are transferred to the Municipal Court for judicial processing. When the disposition is entered by the court, the citation is electronically updated at the Police Department.

Features and functionality include:

  • Passes information between the Police Department and the Municipal Court via a sleek real-time interface.
  • Eliminates inefficient and time-consuming duplicate data entry.
  • Batch enforcement processing to search for past due citations, issue warrants, and refer unpaid citations for collection.
  • Updates TiPSSRecords with the following data when the disposition is entered in court:
    • Plea
    • Finding and Finding Date
    • New court dates and times
    • Payments
    • Status
    • Amended Offense Codes
    • Sentences given to Defendants

Surprised? You shouldn’t be. The entire family of TiPSS interfaces were engineered to reduce time on tasks that were once performed manually.

Couple TiPSSCourts with the best software support in the industry, and you’ll quickly realize why TiPSSRecords, and its popular interface offerings, are best-selling RMS software solutions.