• Queries: Powerful search capabilities.
  • Blotters: Print daily dispatch blotters for selected unit time spans or types of call.
  • Call Summaries: Print call summaries by type, time-of-day, or type-of-call.
  • Response Time: Analyze reports by unit and type-of-call.
  • Time & Duty Reporting: Prepare officer time reports and vehicle duty reports.
  • Seamless Integration: Automatically transfer calls for service information to TiPSSRecords.

Are you looking for a feature-packed application that extends your TiPSSRecords capabilities? Look no further than TiPSSDaySheets.

TiPSSDaySheets is the next generation of intelligent software apps that delivers integrated logging and reporting capabilities meeting the ever increasing informational demands of your agency.

At the heart of TiPSSDaySheets powerful engine is its ability to log and report critical information while delivering it directly to your desktop.

  • Quickly and accurately enter officer activity including detailed comments.
  • Manage previous calls and times involved.
  • Automatically transfer calls for service to TiPSSRecords while easily linking names to the Master Name Index (MNI).

TiPSSDaySheets also logs vehicle maintenance and duty expenditures, and easily creates detailed reports that support your agency’s annual budgetary requests.

Contact Titan Public Safety Solutions, LLC today and discover how TiPSSDaySheets can extend your TiPSSRecords capabilities.