Are you frustrated having to wait months, instead of 24 hours, for a suspended driver’s license to be effective? Do you cringe at the prospect of rekeying the citation again in COWS? If so, look no further than TiPSSDOT interface.

This powerful interface is the combined effort between the Wisconsin DOT and TiPSS. As a result TiPSSCourts customers can electronically transfer the following court documents:

  • Wisconsin Uniform Citation (MV4016)
  • Municipal Citations (NTC)
  • Court Order of Revocation and Suspension (MV3029)
  • Conviction Status Report (MV3435)

Features and functions include:

  • Edits outgoing DOT forms ensuring accuracy.
  • Prints Court Order of Revocation and Suspension (MV3029) and Conviction Status Report (MV3435) forms.
  • Tracks when forms are submitted automatically.

Contact Titan Public Safety Solutions, LLC today and discover how TiPSSDOT interface can streamline your Wisconsin DOT submissions.