• Seamless Integration: Full integration enables TiPSSImaging and TiPSSRecords to seamlessly connect images to people, vehicles, incidents, and property.
  • Characteristics: Save descriptive information with the image.
  • Viewing: Zoom in for precise, detailed viewing and investigative work.
  • Queries: Search any combination of fields using the enhanced Inquiry screen.
  • Deliverables: Print and/or export images.

TiPSSImaging is the next generation of intelligent software apps that visually enhances and extends the effectiveness of TiPSSRecords.

At the heart of TiPSSImaging is its power to organize, compress, and store unlimited numbers of high resolution photographs.

  • Connect mug shots, tattoos, marks, scars, and gang photos to suspects.
  • Associate crime scene, vehicle, and property photos or documents with Incidents.
  • Customize drop-down lists and save descriptive information, at the time the photo is taken.

As you can see, the old adage, “A picture is worth a thousand words” is alive and well with TiPSSImaging.

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