Tired of entering all those Badger TraCS forms? Let TiPSSTraCS interface do it for you in a matter of seconds.

The TiPSSTraCS interface, developed cooperatively with the State of Wisconsin Badger TraCS program, is designed to eliminate duplicate data entry.

When Badger TraCS forms are transmitted the TiPSSTraCS interface imports the data directly into TiPSSRecords. The following Badger TraCS forms initiate incidents, citations, arrests, warnings, and accidents in TiPSSRecords:

  • Wisconsin Uniform Traffic Citations (MV4017)
  • Wisconsin Uniform Municipal Citations
  • Wisconsin Motor Vehicle Accident Report forms (MV4000e)
  • Wisconsin Motor Vehicle Abbreviated Car/Deer Accident Report forms (MV4000deer)
  • Traffic Warning Notices

Features and functionality include:

  • Creates Incident Reports with Names, Vehicles, and Properties.
  • Adds a Master Name Index (MNI) record or updates an existing MNI record.
  • Attaches the TraCS PDF file to the Incident or Citation for easy document retrieval.

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